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Autumn in the Lake District

Posted Oct 8, 2013

The Lake District is a beautiful gem tucked into the folds of the English countryside, a traditional holiday destination for Britons and international tourists alike, and for good reason.

The green and rocky mountains, towering forests, and mirror-like lakes create a landscape as if from a picture book. If you visit the small stony villages and traditional British pubs dotted throughout the district, you will find masses of art devoted to this tranquil expanse steeped in history. From snowy mountain tops to lush green vistas, the art reflects a perennial beauty spot.

One season that brings out a particularly breath taking side of the lakes is autumn.

As the seasons change and the colours turn, we are treated to a rich palette of reds and yellows reflected in the still waters of the lakes. Beauty can be found even on a cloudy day, when the towering peaks of the region ascend up and out of sight into an ethereal mist.

A romantic stroll around Tarn Howes or a trip to Ambleside is suitable for all ages and abilities, whereas the more adventurous of you can take a hike up Helm Crag or the Haystacks. Chug across Lake Windermere on an open top boat, or sip hot chocolate beneath the deck and peer out at the misty tree tops and grand old houses lining the large lake.

In Autumn, the range of activities is endless; from the Kendal Torchlight carnival to the Tour of Britain Cycling race in September to the Beer 'n' Bangers festival or GreenDoor Art Trail in October. If the location ignites your imagination, there are always artist's retreats, walkers holidays and climbers trips that will keep you satisfied. So whether it's a paintbrush or a mountain bike you're bringing with you, you won't be disappointed.

Autumn is also a great time in Britain for food and drink, so help yourself to a local cider, or a Cumberland speciality to really taste the best of the Lake District. The hotels here are not in short supply - of course the Wordswoth in the best - but competition means that you can find something great no matter what your budget is.

If it's your first visit to the area, just remember a good pair of boots and your camera, at each turn you will find rolling panoramas that you will want to capture and perhaps even climb!

Autumn in the Lake District