The Dinner experience at The Wordsworth includes the following courses:






£38.00 p/p


Soup of the Day (v)
Summer Heirloom Tomatoes (v)
Yellison Goats Cheese Curd, Balsamic "Caviar"
Grilled Cornish Sardine Caesar
Romaine Lettuce, Marinated Anchovies, Brioche Croutes,
Parmesan, Caesar Dressing
Ham Hock " Ploughman's"
Quickes Cheddar, Celeriac Remoulade, Onion Chutney
Whipped Anne Forshaw's Yoghurt (v)
Elderflower, Cantaloupe Compression, Yorkshire Gooseberries
Cartmel Valley Smoked Salmon
Horseradish, Shallots, Capers, Rye Bread, Lemon
Racenglass White Crab
Pan Fried Mackerel, Cucumber Textures, Horseradish, Apple,
100% Rye, Nasturtiums
(£3.95 supplement)
Pot Roast Lamb Shoulder
Spiced Aubergine, Golden Sultana, Parisienne Potatoes, Baby Carrots, Crisp Halloumi, Gremolata Jus
Roast Cod Loin
Provincial Flavours;Tomatoes, Peppers, Olives, Baby Courgettes & Aubergine, Saffron & Garlic,
Anglesey Sea Bass
Gnocchi, Menai Mussels, Sea Greens, Kohlrabi, White Wine Cream
Roast Breast of Reg Johnson's Corn Fed Chicken
White Beans, King Oyster Mushroom, Sprouting Broccoli
Woodland Mushroom Tagliatelle (v)
Parmesan, Watercress
8oz Rib Eye Steak
Chunky Chips, Mushroom & Tomato, Onion Rings, Peppercorn Sauce
Fillet of Cumbrian Beef
Confit Potato, Salt Baked Celeriac, Spinach, Morels, Cabernet Sauvignon Jus
 (£7.95 supplement)
Airated Kendari Chocolate
Beetroot Cake,
Caramelised White Chocolate, Orange
Liquer Muscat, Stanton and Kileen, Rutherglen, Australia (17.5%) £5.95
Iced Coffee Parfait
Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Kahlua,
Clotted Cream
Liquer Muscat, Stanton and Kileen, Rutherglen, Australia (17.5%) £5.95
Baked Duck Egg Custard
Plums, Thyme, Grasmere Gingerbread
Red Muscadel, Nuy, South Africa (16.5%) £3.25
Vanilla Rice Pudding
Blackberries, Cowmire Hall Mulled Cider, Pears and Toasted Hazelnuts
Late Harvest Semillion Gewurtztraminer, Chile (13.5%) £3.95
Lyth Valley Damson & Almond Cake
Whipped Mascarpone, Honeycomb, Mint
Moscatel, Vistimar, Limari, Chile (12.5%) £3.50
Slate of English Cheeses
Choose from our menu, Two Cheeses
Additional Cheeses £1.50 per Cheese
10 Year Old Tawny, Quinta, da Ervmoira, Ramos Pinto(19.5%) £5.95

Crofton (V) - Thornby Moor Dairy near Carlisle - Unpasteurised cows & goats milk ,it is semi-unpressed and naturally rinded

Smoked Cumberland Farmhouse - Crofton Hall, Thornby Moor Dairy - It is hard, smooth and creamy. It is matured for 4 months in Calico, then smoked over oak

Keverigg - Appleby Creamery, Cumbria - A semi hard rinded cheese, creamy with a tang, Made from the organic milk

Quiches Mature Cheddar - A traditional cheddar, matured for 12-18 months, producing a totally unique intense flavour. A brittle texture and smooth finish. Made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Newton St Cryes, Devon.

Guernsey Gold - Butlers Raven Oak Dairy,A gold prize winner from 2005 British Cheese Awards. A small round cheese, handmade with rich and creamy Guernsey milk. Soft & smooth with a pale velvety rind and a golden coloured centre

Flower Marie - The Golden Cross Dairy in East Sussex - Made with sheep’s milk which gives it a slightly sweet flavour. Beneath the white mushroomy rind is a layer of gooey runny goodness followed by a soft fatty and firmer centre.  The taste is as complex as the construction going from sweet and lemony to nutty and tangy. 

Wensleydale Blue - A delicately flavoured creamy blue cheese from Wensleydale Creamery in Yorkshire. It has a mellow, yet full flavour. Made from pasteurised Goats milk.


All served with Homemade Water Biscuits, Treacle and Walnut Rye Bread, Wordsworth Fruit Chutney, Celery and Grapes

Served by the glass

131 Red Muscadel - £3.25
Nuy, South Africa (15.5%)
Smooth medium sweet fortified wine, good with all sorts of desserts, or makes a delightful digestif after your meal.

132 Moscatel - £3.50
Vistamar, Limari, Chile (12%)
Soft, yet intense with pronounced fruit sweetness, tempered with delicate acidity

133 Late Harvest Semillon Gewurztraminer - £3.95
Casa Silva, Colchagua, Chile (12.5%)
A lighter, more delicate style, perfectly suited to citrus based puddings

134 Liqueur Muscat - £5.95
Stanton and Killeen, Rutherglen, Australia (17.5%)
Deeply coloured, rich and sticky sweet wine, an absolute treat with our chocolate desserts.



100ml Measure

Taylors - £6.60

Otima 10 years - £7.50

Ramos Pinto - £6.60