Preparations For a Perfect Party

Everyone wants to be a generous host and to keep the party flowing, but it’s a good idea to pace your guests as far as alcohol is concerned, to make sure that nobody overindulges. There are a few simple tricks you can employ to ensure that everyone has a good time, but nobody goes overboard. By all means offer a reception drink and a glass of fizz for the toasts, but try to limit the amount of wine flowing over dinner: half a bottle per guest is ample. At the evening do, it’s up to you how much drink to offer. If you have a cash bar, you could put some money behind the bar, or offer all guests one free drink, though many will be happy to fund their own drinks, this should help everyone to control their intake.

The reception and after party aren’t the only moments to watch out for overindulgence, on the day, you want the boys busy not boozy. The ladies will want to be left in peace to get ready, without having to worry about what the groom and his band of lads are up to! As men tend to be able to prepare themselves quickly, why not arrange something to reduce tension and prevent them from turning to Dutch courage on the big day? A morning in the spa can be a surprisingly relaxing treat for the guys, or let them burn off their nervous energy with something more adventurous like a morning of rock-climbing, or even some Kanku 4x4 driving before the ceremony. This might sound like a lot of excitement for one day, but it’s important not to underestimate the exuberance of the groom and his gang! Of course, ladies will want to be in on the excitement too, so try to make sure that there are lots of lovely things on hand, including relaxing scented candles, fruits to snack on and soothing teas to calm any nerves. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of double-sided tape, safety pins and a sewing kit to hand, as well as someone who’s nifty with a needle and thread, too, to cope with any last-minute wardrobe malfunctions!