Wedding Budgeting

Budgeting and financing are often the most difficult part of planning your wedding. With so many different costs to cover, from catering and choirs to photography and flowers, many couples quickly find that they haven’t got the funds to pursue some of their grander ideas. Of course, nobody wants to compromise on their wedding day, so how do you plan the perfect wedding without scrimping on those non-negotiable details? The first step to budgeting for the big day is to understand your finances: work out how much money you have to play with, and try to get a clear idea of the costs, taking account of elements such as photography, food and flowers, and well as invitations, orders of the service, the wedding car and entertainment. You need to be in complete control of your budget so you can work out which areas you can to splurge on, and where you may need to cut back.

It’s often said that it’s not what you know, but who you know. That’s certainly true when it comes to planning weddings. Many of your friends and family might have skills you can draw on to help plan your wedding. Perhaps your aunt has a knack for flower arranging, or maybe your cousin is an amazing baker, why not draft them in? They may offer to help out for free or for a nominal fee, just remember to thank them appropriately, and to give them a well-deserved mention in your speeches. Don’t be afraid to get creative and personalise your day by getting your family and friends involved, too. There are plenty of resources online, where you can find inspiration for free, including blogs and social media sites, as well as the traditional bridal magazines. If you love making things, then why not plan a crafty hen do or a DIY stag do. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re in control of the budget throughout the planning process.