Cheese Menu

Cumberland Oak Farmhouse
A traditional English cheese, it is matured in cloth and has a full, nutty, rounded flavour and a smooth, creamy and buttery texture.  Made on the farm at Thornby Moor Dairy.

Black Sticks Blue
A soft, creamy, almost spreadable blue cheese with amber hue.  Made by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses in Longridge.

Golden Cross
Has a velvety rind with a light charcoal dusting containing a ripened creamy paste with a sweet yet full flavoured taste. Made in East Sussex.

Wensleydale Smoked Hawes
This firm, supple crumbly and moist textured cheese is similar to young Caerphilly with a fresh acidity.  It has its cloth removed and is smoked over oak for up to 3 days.

Garstang White
From local Jersey cows it is creamy, golden in colour and has a hint of mushroom in flavour.  A unique, rich, mellow and indulgent blue cheese with an open body and a velvety, smooth and creamy texture. Made in Garstang by Dew-Lay.