Cheese Menu

Bosworth Ash

This is a really lovely creamy ash coated goats cheese.  This is a really great soft goats cheese with a mild flavour that is salty sweet and goaty. It is made by the Highfields Farm Dairy in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Unpasteurised

Owd Yonner

This is a fantastic clothbound tasty Lancashire that really does give you everything. It has a rich and creamy beginning that develops on the pallet into a strong Lancashire flavour
and continues to get stronger which is largely due the length of maturation (12 months) and that it is wrapped in cloth to really progress the flavour and open texture through the maturing process. Pasteurised

Blengdale Blue

A soft creamy almost spreadable blue cheese from The Cumberland Dairy near Appleby-In-Westmorland Cumbria, claimed a silver award at the 2005 British cheese awards. Pasteurised

Wensleydale Smoked Hawes

This firm, supple crumbly and moist textured cheese is similar to young Caerphilly with a fresh acidity. It has its cloth removed and is smoked over oak for up to three days. Pasteurised


Made with a mixture of cows and goats milk, it is semi-soft un-pressed and naturally rinded. Made by Carolyn & Leonie Fairburn at Thornby Moor Dairy near Carlisle. Unpasteurised