Pineapple £9.75
Barbequed Pineapple, Lime Crumble, Cheesecake Ice Cream (D, E, G)

Sharp and Tangy Gooseberry Fool £10.75 (RP)
Caramelised Wafers, Elderflower Sorbet (G, D)

Trifle £9.95 
Strawberries, Genoise, Custard, Jelly, Meringue (G, D, E)

Consomme (ve) £12.95 (RP) 
Low Calorie Light Summer Broth, Berries, Balsamic Pearls, Mint (SD)

Dark Chocolate Mousse £11.25 
Valrhona Manjari Beans 64%, Tonka Bean Cream, Brandy Snap, Miso Cremeux (P, N, D, E, S)

Five Selected Regional Cheeses £12.95 for 3/ £14.95 for 5
Served With Sourdough Crackers, Grapes, Celery & Chutney (G, D, CE, SD)

* £2.00 supplement for dinner inclusive guests on the 5 cheese selection

To Finish

Coffee and Chocolates £3.95